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Do API-Migration Changes Introduce New Bugs?

Year 2021, Volume 16, Issue , 182 - 190, 31.12.2021


Software quality is broadly dependent on the use of dependent platforms, compilers, and APIs. This research reports a case study exploring the risk of API-migration activities in the regard of bug-introducing changes and software maintenance quality. The study involves screening tens of thousands of commits for six large C++ open source systems to identify bug-introducing commits caused by undertaking adaptive maintenance tasks through using traditional heuristic approaches. The obtained results show that 14.5% to 22.2% of examined adaptive commits enclose buggy code changes and so developers have to consider the potential risk of introducing new bugs after undertaking API-migration practices. Moreover, from investigating the bug fixing activities made by API-migration tasks, we provide a demonstration that typically these fixing activities do not cause further bugs and hence are safe undertakings. We feel that this work has developed a data set that will be used for constructing approaches to identify, characterize, and minimize potential adaptive maintenance practices that introduce bugs into a software system.


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Primary Language English
Subjects Engineering
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Omar MEQDADI This is me
Jordan University

Shadi ALJAWARNEH This is me
Jordan University

Muneer BANI YASSEIN This is me
Jordan University

Publication Date December 31, 2021
Published in Issue Year 2021, Volume 16, Issue


APA Meqdadı, O. , Aljawarneh, S. & Banı Yasseın, M. (2021). Do API-Migration Changes Introduce New Bugs? . The Eurasia Proceedings of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics , 16 , 182-190 . DOI: 10.55549/epstem.1068608