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The New Designed Mechanical Systems and Protypes for Z-Scan and Nonlinear Measurements

Year 2021, Volume 16, Issue , 240 - 247, 31.12.2021


In this study is explained a new mechanical design for z-scanning and nonlinear measurements. Three systems are designed for measurements. The last system has better constructions and design parameters than the other systems designed in 2005 and 2014. The last system has been manufactured from various shafts, roller bearings, mechanical holders, mechanical rails and carrier integrated in these systems and stainless steel mechanical double joint coupling for reducing the workload of the main system and the aluminium alloys used in the system are 6063 and 7075. The z-scan measurement technique is often used for measuring the strength of the magnitude of the nonlinear index n2 of an optical material. Essentially, a sample of the material under investigation is moved through the focus of a laser beam, and the beam radius (or the on-axis intensity) is measured at some point behind the focus as a function of the sample position. These quantities are affected by the self-focusing effect. Various materials in nonlinear optics (liquids, organic structures, semiconductors, thin films…) the nonlinear optical properties used for definning one of the methods the z-scanning techniques for new designed mechanical system is described. The obtained parameters within the measurement will be more accurate and reliable with new designed mechanical system. The system brought into the active mode upon the completion of its design is closed-loop mechanical checking system. It is a control mechanism capable of moving according to the desired display values. Being very important in the industrial and vocational applications, the number of cycles, the speed, direction control of the engine can be done in this system the design of which has been completed. The present academic study in intended to introduce the design and control mechanism of the system and its place in the vocational and technical applications.


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Primary Language English
Subjects Engineering
Journal Section Articles


Publication Date December 31, 2021
Published in Issue Year 2021, Volume 16, Issue


APA Artkın, F. (2021). The New Designed Mechanical Systems and Protypes for Z-Scan and Nonlinear Measurements . The Eurasia Proceedings of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics , 16 , 240-247 . DOI: 10.55549/epstem.1068618